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6 ways of Highly Effective Concall Meetings

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

1. Email the meeting Agenda In Advance: If you are the organizer, write down and email the meeting agenda to all attendees at least one day before the meeting. If you are asked to attend a meeting without an agenda, ask for the meeting agenda.

2. Manage The Meeting By The Clock: For Meeting Organizers- Start the meeting 5 minutes early and manage the discussion within time. For Meeting Attendees- start by arriving early at the meeting at least 1-2 minutes before.

3. Do not Cut: In concalls, we cannot read the face so its important to allow the other person to complete his statement. Do not cut in the middle and rush to reply based on assumption.

4. Use The “Parking Lot” To Manage off Topic Discussions: This helpful device performs two useful functions. First, it serves to keep the meeting focused on the stated agenda. Second, the parking lot acknowledges important points raised by attendees.

5. Take Notes For Yourself: The key reason to take notes in a meeting is to record any questions or assignments that have been directed to you.

6. Follow Up On The Meeting: Prepare the minutes of meeting with action items, concerned person with time line and share after the meeting. For the best results, I suggest following by making a phone call, writing an email etc as per

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